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See our 69th and 70th Wedding Anniversary picture below.

The following pages are a collection of our memories of growing up in the depression and life in the early to middle 20th Century. It contains references to many relatives, individuals and organizations that had a small but significant impact on the course our lives would take.

    This is our attempt to pay homage to those people and organizations that helped to shape our lives and mold qualities that bred success in our endeavors and have brought us a long and happy marriage.

    We hope these memoirs help to provide some insight into the everyday struggles of a simpler time, especially to the people who have grown up with the modern luxuries we enjoy today. Times were not always this easy but they were still good times! These were times that demanded a strong sense of family, moral decency, responsibility, and religion. These principles are the foundation of the democracy we live in and have eroded dramatically in the latter part of this century. We could all take a lesson from these times of hardship, hard work and wholesome living.

Please visit this site often as we will be adding content periodically.


Robert and Lettie Winston

National History Day Interview

I was interviewed by Corey Biddix for his National History Day project in 2007. We talked about the CCC. His video won the North Carolina State NHD competition and competed at the NHD National Finals in Washington, DC.

 Wedding/Anniversary Photos


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