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Lettie's Memoirs

     Born: October 27, 1918 in Union County near Wingate, NC.
     Father: Carl Van Strawn
     Mother: Leola Simpson Strawn
     Maternal Grandparents: Henrietta Thompson Simpson & John Thomas Simpson
     Paternal Grandparents: Elizabeth Holmes Strawn & Marshall Blair Strawn
     One Brother: Robert Earl Strawn - born Nov. 1921 - died Oct 1998
     Son: Robert Winston Jr. - Born October 21, 1940
     Daughter: Martha Jo - Born May 26, 1943

flower.gif (335 bytes)     I attended school at Oakhurst School in East Mecklenburg county, NC and Berryhill School  in West Mecklenburg, NC. I graduated from Berryhill School in the class of 1935.

flower.gif (335 bytes)     I attended Geyer Business School in Charlotte, NC and worked at Charlotte Letter Writing Company, doing direct letter writing and advertising for local companies.

flower.gif (335 bytes)     On June 12, 1937, Robert Winston, a school classmate at Berryhill School, and I were married. We spent our honeymoon in the mountains in Bat Cave, NC. It was a one room cottage with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The cottage rented for $5.00 or $6.00 per week.

flower.gif (335 bytes)     Our son, Robert Winston Jr., was born on October 21, 1940. Three years later on May 26, 1943 our daughter, Martha Jo, was born. Bob Jr. attended N.C. State University and Martha Jo attended U.N.C at Greensboro N.C. They are now both married each with two children, a boy and a girl, giving us a total of four grandchildren.

flower.gif (335 bytes)     I have had a happy, loving marriage and family life and there is so much that we have to be thankful for. There were times when money was scarce but always much love and family bonding. We are so grateful for our family and the love we share.


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