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The Memoirs of Robert Winston
Stories as told to me by my Mother

Table of contents:

  1. Mama telling about Papa getting scared from the noise made by two files in his coat pocket.
  2. Mama talking about working in the cotton mill.
  3. Mama and Aunt Pat's first experience with an inside toilet.
  4. Mama and Papa taking a train to Lynchburg Virginia.
  5. Mama telling about when she and Aunt Molly were saved.

bowtie_sm.gif (400 bytes)     Mama told me about one time Papa had been to town for something and it was dark when he got home. He was calling to Mama from the yard to open the door quick. When he got in the house, he told Prissy that someone was following him from the stables where he had put up and fed the stock. Papa told her when he would take a few steps, someone behind him would jingle something like a chain. Papa was a little out of breath so Mama helped him take off his coat. In doing so, Mama heard something in his coat jingle. Papa had purchased two or three steel files and when the coat moved, the steel files made a jingling noise. When Papa would stop walking or running, the noise would stop and when started, the jingling followed him to the house. Papa never was much to drink alcohol but I would not be surprised if he had a few with his friends in town earlier that day.

bowtie_sm.gif (400 bytes)    Mama told me about she, her brothers and sisters working in the cotton mill for 13 per day. There was no child labor law and the children started to work when they were about 12 years old. She told me that Uncle Robert had a job doffing. As I remember, doffing was the job of changing the empty spools for full spools of yarn in the weaving process. She said that Uncle Robert was one of the best workers at his job.

bowtie_sm.gif (400 bytes)     Mama told me that when she and her sister Pat started to work in the mill, they had always had outside toilets, never having the experience of using an inside water closet. They thought they would try to figured out how to use it. While Aunt Pat was using it, Mama pulled the chain from the water tank above the closet and when the water flushed the closet, it it made a lot of noise and water splashed up on Aunt Pat scaring her. She jumped up saying "Prissy you broke it. Lets get out of here and don't tell anyone". Someone saw them when they exited the toilet and knew what had happened and showed them how to flush it assuring them that they had not broken it.

bowtie_sm.gif (400 bytes)    Mama told me of a trip she and Papa made to Lynchburg, Virginia. to visit Aunt Pat and Uncle Jim May. They traveled on the train. Mama, having never been more than a few miles from Franklinton, thought it was some trip riding the train and visiting the city of Lynchburg.

bowtie_sm.gif (400 bytes)    Sometime in the 1970's, when visiting Mama, I asked her about the time she was converted or saved. She told me that it happened when she and Aunt Molly were attending a revival. When the invitation to be saved was given, she and Aunt Molly responded and the experience was as clear as if it had just happened.Mama had tears of happiness in her eyes when she told me.


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