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Robert's Memoirs Page 9 (1940 to 50)

bowtie_sm.gif (400 bytes)    When Bob Jr. was one or two years old, at times, he would take the ear ache. At the time I was working hard and, being during W.W.II, I was going to school, teaching first aid and acting as air raid warden so when I got to bed I was ready for sleep. In the old days a doctor would prescribe a drop or two of paregoric for babies with the ear ache. I wanted Lettie to give him a drop or two so I could get some sleep but Lettie has always been very careful about taking or giving us any medicine,Since she wouldn't give little Bob any, I took a swig myself and fell asleep shortly afterward. I did not know at the time that paregoric contained opium. It was used often in those days and you only had to sign for a few ounces. I am glad little Bob didn't have the ear ache very often.

bowtie_sm.gif (400 bytes)    In the late thirties and for several years, Vashti's family and ours had some wonderful times together. Marvin, his brother and I did a lot of fishing when they worked together. We would meet at different locations in Eastern NC . I have a picture of my son Bob Jr. holding a large string of crappie caught while we were fishing with the Kisers and Marvin's mother on the Pee Dee river east of Albemarle, NC.

bowtie_sm.gif (400 bytes)    We caught our own minnows to fish with. I don't remember any places to buy minnows at that time. Probably because the branches and creeks were not polluted and we had no problem catching a hundred or so in only a few minutes.

bowtie_sm.gif (400 bytes)    Bob Jr. and I accompanied Bob, John and Marvin on several fishing an swimming outings to lake Wylie. Sometimes we would get real hot fishing and would go swimming nude. At this time you could go hours without seeing anyone else on the lake, sometimes all day.

bowtie_sm.gif (400 bytes)    Bob Jr. didn't hunt or fish with us much prior to the end of W.W.II since he was only 3 to 4 years old. After the war, however, we went with others on fishing trips not only to Lake Wylie but also to Santee Cooper. Bob jr. caught a 9lb. 12oz. large mouth bass while we were fishing with Clarence Stikeleather in Jack's Creek at Santee Lake. I had it flown to NY and mounted. I don't think Bob Jr. has ever equaled that record. I have fished with some of the best bass fishermen in my life but neither me nor any of my friends ever caught a large mouth bass as large as his.

bowtie_sm.gif (400 bytes)    Bob and I have caught a lot of fish together but the best catch I remember was up Crowder's Creek from our cabin, trolling from our home made boat when we spotted fish feeding off of a point. WE caught 8 large mouth bass that all averaged around 8 lbs. each. I have never equaled that catch. I think I have a picture of us with these fish.

bowtie_sm.gif (400 bytes)    I remember one time when John, Bob, Marvin and I went rabbit hunting between Charlotte and Waxhaw. On the way we picked up a wedge of cheese, some crackers and sardines. We each were carrying one of the items and it was a mistake for me to be carrying the cheese. Our dogs started running a fox and all got separated trying to catch the dogs before they ran themselves out after the fox and end our rabbit hunt. While trying to find the others, I started snacking on small pieces of the cheese. By the time we got together I had eaten more than half of the cheese and I told them I had caught a rabbit and he had eaten the cheese. They all got a good laugh out of the story but I am sure it was not funny since we were all hungry from catching the dogs.



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